Dear visitor,

A movie theatre is a place dedicated to relaxation, phantasy, and entertainment, but also community. To ensure all visitors can enjoy the community at our theatre, we kindly ask you to take note fo the following rules that apply to every visitor:

  1. The house rules are binding for all visitors, participants, visiting actors, projectionists, as well as the staff.

  2. Access to the movie theatre is granted to everyone who holds a ticket. In buying a ticket, the visitor accepts the house rules.

  3. Taking photographs and films is permitted, as long as all recognizable persons on the picture agree with the picture or film being taken. Pictures or films taken without permission of all recognizable persons are to be deleted immediately. Bootlegs and pirate copies of running movies are strictrly prohibited and will be punished. Please copy our movies without pirating.

  4. Mutual consideration and a respect for all actors, movies, inventroy, and visitors are a requirement for a relaxing and comfortable stay. We do not tolerate any harrasment aimed at any of our visitors.

  5. Visitors who become subject to harrasment can talk to the staff at all times. The responsible contact persons will be reachable in person as well as via email and phone during the event. We will treat any requests or reports confidentially and will never talk about them with a third party without explicit constent of the reporting visitor.

  6. Should a visitor wish for the staff’s help in resolving a situation, the staff will document the situation from the viewpoint of all affected persons. Once the course of events is as clear as possible, we will discuss further consequences if required. The staff reserves the right to ask visitors to keep a distance from each other or exclude visitors from the theatre in severe cases.

  7. The staff will document all such cases in an anonymized way.